This is the digital building of the Athena Mind Project. We are healthcare practitioners and researchers who intend to bring out the potential in all people, at least those who are looking for it. Imagine being able to develop a faster healing system for your body? Or extend how many years you’ll live in your life? The mind is vast and the method we have developed accesses the vast resources of the mind.

Too good to be true?

Well, much like all humans, we started with a fear of dying. From there, our interest grew into research, exploration, testing, application and more research. The idea of immortality has been a daunting mystery since the beginnings of our Complex Society. Gilgamesh searched for it, Ponce Deleon quested for it and today, in our modern era, we have developed a therapeutic framework, modality and educational system that helps us optimize the human condition, bringing us ever so much closer to actualizing immortality and bypassing death. The idea of expanding consciousness into our reality was a dream whispered about, but hardly spoken about.

Today, we are ready to have that conversation.

But much like cycles of history, as humans we have always been looking for the fountain of youth.

We found it.

And it was right in front of our noses.

Welcome to the NEW WORLD!!

Deep within the mind, there is a place within the unconsciousness that is without limitation and free to create. By being able to access that, which is a process we call Mind Diving, you can find the obstacles, heal them and essentially modify and create the you, that you essentially want.

Over the years we have refined the process and developed an integrative approach and method to it. Accessing the roots of our thoughts greatly improves the human condition, by moving past our limitations both physically, mentally and emotionally.

Below is a little more information about the work we do and what we plan on doing with our findings.


Proposition of Research and Implementation

We aim to further establish a healthcare modality, philosophy, and practice which includes both a specific approach to patient care as well as a clinical method for direct application. This modality focuses on optimizing physical, emotional, mental, and social wellbeing. Our approach, which is based on the theoretical framework of Therapeutic Self Analysis (TSA), addresses all physical, mental and emotional concerns for a patient. The approach we take is a holistic one, focusing on the ideal of a functioning human system, by eliminating the obstacles and limiting mind set we may have adopted in part throughout our lives. By eliminating pain, limitation and other ailments, we optimize the human body, emotional content, mental well being, as well as the improvement of our social and cultural constructs.

TSA combines both allopathic and complimentary healthcare perspectives within a integrative framework. Presently, the results of the TSA along with the application of Mind Diving, have been demonstrated to be clinically successful. The modality has been used in clinical practice for over seven years.


Intended Results

We aim to cure any and all ailments, diseases, and general discomforts that people generally experience throughout their lives. If there is a will to do so, then it is possible. By alleviating limitation, we promote optimal results to achieve and maintain a near perfect form, physically, emotionally and mentally.


We are the only ones standing in our own way.


Who knows you better than you know yourself?

No one other than you truly knows you better than yourself. The reason for this is simple. You live with yourself 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and 7 days a week. You are aware of all of your conscious and even most unconscious thoughts and feelings. You are aware of how you feel and what you think before anyone outside could come close to detecting it. There is no book or study that can completely classify you. Definitions and categorizations can come close, but ultimately, we are all unique and the reality we experience is always slightly different because it is based from ones own unique perspective. Our reality differs from the reality that those around us experience. Establishing a deep sense of trust is the primary goal of the Athena Mind Project. The better you know yourself, the better you are to handle the problems and dilemmas that you come across throughout your life.