Detox and Cleansing
Aspect 2

The body becomes accustomed to the things it does and any related feelings or sensations, regardless of whether these feelings and sensations are determined to be good or bad. Detoxing and cleansing the body of its old habits and helping it to return to its natural state of being is included within our integrative approach to healing and preventive healthcare.


TSA is successful in helping patients to detox and cleanse safely, effectively, and often in a very comfortable manner. The TSA approach toward detox and cleansing is a holistic one, meaning that it considers all aspects of a person: body, feelings, mind set, relationships, and both cultural and environmental influences. In this way, the detox program encompasses a wide range of aspects related to a person and their overall state of wellness and wellbeing. Furthermore, it is designed to clear any behaviors that stem from the origin of the presenting health concerns. Furthermore, when a person is ready to detox or cleanse, they always need proper guidance.


When considering detox and cleansing, it is important to realize that there are two components to this aspect of the program:


1) The first component is therapy. Holistic, natural therapies are primarily utilized, and they typically include acupuncture, hypnotherapy, life coaching, nutritional counseling and therapeutic massage, when necessary, in order to effectively clear the body of toxins while simultaneously promoting the power of the body to regulate itself.
2) The second component is education and coaching. Having the proper support and guidance within the program leads to empowerment and helps to ensure success. Both the therapy and coaching components are individually tailored to the unique needs, background, and goals of each patient.


The detox and cleansing aspect of TSA will help to clear the body, yet offers additional emotional, mental, and social support so that any cravings or other issues can be effectively managed. Because the approach is holistic as well as comprehensive, it ensures maximum and optimal results. When a patient is ready to detox and cleanse, then it becomes relatively easy to help them produce the new lifestyle that they deserve.