Mind Diving is a therapeutic technique that finds its foundation in traditional Hypnotherapy. Mind Diving is a form of guided meditation that allows a person to access the history of the unconscious mind, in order to heal past traumas, enhance overall physical and mental health, while creating a complete understanding of ones true potential truly is.

It works by using relaxation techniques to relax the body so that it enters a sleep state, in order to have full access to the unconscious mind. The patient is then guided  to the point of interest within the unconsciousness, while mapping the mind in the process.

Mind Diving is used to relieve and heal past traumas, emotional and physical pain, terminal diseases, stress, cure cancer, infertility, accessing past memories, memory enhancement, phobias, increases awareness, relationship issues, anger, depression and other health issues.

Mind Diving requires an educational perspective on behalf of the patient in order to not only cure the problems internally, but to apply the solutions externally as well.

Mind Diving was created by: Robert J. Escandon MA, C.Ht.