Programming and Reeducation
Aspect 3

Why do we become sick? Why do we sometimes fall into cycles of depression, self-doubt, or even chronic physical pain? Frequently, having set or rigid beliefs and thought patterns creates the particular reality that we are experiencing. In this way, we slowly become programmed to view and interact with our selves, each other, our community, and the world in a set or rigid fashion. This is rarely to our advantage in the long run. Some examples of rigid beliefs are:

“My childhood traumas have ruined my life.”

“My parents never loved me, therefore no one can ever love me.”

“I am sick and it is impossible to get better.”


Have you ever asked where these ideas come from? Our beliefs become the reality that we experience. However, it is possible to develop a new perspective within our reality, and thereby find solutions to the health concerns, which may have previously seemed insurmountable. The mind is limitless, as are the possibilities of establishing a new perspective, which reframes past traumas as learning experiences. Our health concerns can be resolved, and a highly functioning, dynamic, productive life of wellness and wellbeing can be realized.


When we first experience something, whether it is a new behavior, a bad childhood experience, or learn about a new disease, impressions are stored and processed in the subconscious mind. When these impressions become part of the subconscious, they result in specific programming. Our conscious mind is then forced to respond in accordance. However, the reverse is also true in that this programming can be identified and released from the mind, and we are then able to function appropriately, naturally, and spontaneously in each given situation. By first acknowledging that there is a problem, communication on how to solve that problem begins to develop internally. Once the solution is presented, either through external conversation with the Therapeutic Guide or through an internal process, a new programming can then take effect. This is an essential aspect of TSA.