Mind Diving is an integrated combination of Post-Modern Hypnotherapy, Meditation, NLP and Life Coaching.

Imagine being able to dive into your own mind and see everything you’ve ever experienced? Using a guided method to assist a person into their own mind, one has control over the therapeutic process and is able to see the building blocks of their lives, while finding the solutions they have always been looking for. The mind is not only vast, but is also limitless in its potential to evolve past our problems and find solutions to almost all things within our lives. Mind Diving, which is a unique form of Modern Hypnotherapy, is a method developed and used by Robert J. Escandon in order to exceed not only human potential, but to assist people in better knowing and trusting themselves.

Who knows you better than you know yourself?

The MindDiving method has been used in private practice for over 8 years and has been used to find permanent solutions for anxiety, depression, physical inabilities, mental blocks, goal oriented therapy, the understanding and removal of past traumas and general therapeutic application for building confidence to live the life you deserve. The method, uses an etiquette that puts the client in control of the therapeutic approach, by trusting in their ability to know themselves while learning more about their minds and the potential that has always been there.

Some more insight on the process.

Many times, the answers to the problems we face today can be found deep within us. The world we experience is a reflection of the emotions that we carry inside us. Being able to find the solutions to the problems we experience, will allow us to live the life we deserve. Whether it’s depression, anxiety or a disease that is supposedly incurable, everything has a solution. I don’t write this because it sounds nice, it is simply the truth I’ve discovered through years of treating clients. I’m here to remind you that limitation is an illusion.

As mentioned above, Mind Diving is an integrative modality that uses aspects of Post-Modern Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Guided Meditation and NLP. It works the same as meditation, but with a guide and you are in complete control the entire time. You are able to see the building blocks of your mind and change them around.


The most important part your life is you, and that is the focus of our work. If you are at 100%, then the rest of your life, family and friends will reflect that. We want you to live the life you deserve. Because if you’re happy, the people around you will be also.

The smallest pebble changes the biggest body of water forever.